What is the Business Case for Working With Indigenous peoples?

Most Canadians have been isolated from the Indigenous Peoples through lack of opportunities to learn, a lack of good information, an uniformed media, and in some cases, intentional disinformation.

Most Indigenous Peoples have been isolated from mainstream Canadian Society by geography, legislation, government policies and cultural

The Business Case has three primary objectives

1. Demonstrate that Indigenous communities present a significant economic opportunity.

2. Create an informed view of Indigenous business potential. Informed views lead to the involvement and integration of Indigenous Peoples in the mainstream economy and ultimately improve Canadian society.

3. Develop a concept of pro-active partnerships between community, industry, and government through consultation.

Consider the following facts

– There are over 1.5 million Indigenous Peoples in Canada (roughly 4.5% of the Canadian population)

– There are over 45,000 Indigenous owned businesses

– Indigenous communities are the fastest growing in Canada

– Indigenous Peoples have significant influence and impact on how business is conducted in Canada.

– Over $10 Billion will transfer to Indigenous Peoples, attributed mainly to treaty obligations never met, self-government, land claims, Residential School Litigations, housing, educations, water quality and health.

To achieve objectives in this unique market segment it becomes clear why Indigenous Awareness Training for employees, management, contractors, suppliers and consultants is so important.

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