Participant Feedback

What did you enjoy the most about the training program?
– The stories. Robert! Thoroughness of information.
– Honest practical approach.
– Communication protocol, the handshake and hugs.
– I became aware how little I know about the state of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.
– Presenter very informed and engaging, group interaction and statistical information.
– Context, his stories, understanding, or at least a better appreciation, improved. Excellent.
– The discussions and hearing and sharing stories. The depth of knowledge of the presenter.
– Practical tips such as handshakes, hugs, eye contact etc.

What did you enjoy the most about the facilitator’s approach?
– Relaxed style. Gave examples and anecdotes to illustrate points.
– Lots of anecdotes and personal stories to give examples. Good humour.
– Honesty, knowledge, sense of humour and relating stories to situations.
– Candid and conversational. Humour!
– Personality and experience. Engaging.

Top 10 Reasons To Take Indigenous Awareness Training

Indigenous Awareness Training provides you or your organization with the information needed in order to build effective and positive relationships with Indigenous people.

  1. LEARN about yourself and others
  2. BUILD new & better relationships
  3. IMPROVE your customer service
  4. MEET corporate commitments / policies and related Aboriginal programs
  5. WORK more effectively with Indigenous governments, leadership and communities
  6. ATTRACT and retain Aboriginal staff, contractors, or partners
  7. ENHANCE HR policies and meet corporate training goals
  8. LOWER risk of human-rights tribunal, litigation, or complaints
  9. OPEN UP new opportunities
  10. MAKE A BETTER CANADA to live and work together

Client Testimonials

Weyerhaeuser has over 6000 employees located all across Canada, working in dozens of Aboriginal communities, hiring dozens of Aboriginal contractors and have dozens of business agreements in place with Aboriginal businesses and Aboriginal governments. For our company leadership, staff, suppliers and contractors to effectively communicate, manage, hire and do business with our aboriginal partners we developed our Aboriginal Relations Program with the assistance and direction of Aboriginal Awareness Canada. For the past 4 years we have had our executive and senior management complete numerous Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshops, we have had dozens of our management and staff complete the 8 hr. On-Line Aboriginal Awareness Training, developed and implemented policies, developed program objectives, aboriginal hiring strategies and training programs with the guidance and advice from Aboriginal Awareness Canada. Weyerhaeuser also contracted Aboriginal Awareness Canada to produce a 40 minute training video which we are using in house as part of our on-going Aboriginal Awareness Training Program for our employees, contractors and suppliers. As a result of these efforts, we have made great strides in building our aboriginal workforce and solidifying our business relationships with our aboriginal neighbours. I think the key lesson learned from all this is that we did not know what we did not know and that by learning about Aboriginal people and their communities we demonstrated a level of respect which the Aboriginal leadership and communities have indicated means everything.

Thank you for a fascinating and thought provoking presentation… several members insisted that you be invited back to do a more detailed presentation…

Because of my partnership with P.C.L., I am now in the position to help Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people work together toward a mutual goal… I know that I am only one of many people that you have helped to realize and achieve greater goals. I’m sure… that you will continue to initiate great changes in the lives of many people… thank you, not only for what you have helped me achieve, but also for the changes your efforts have brought for all Aboriginal people.

The RBC Financial Group has been using the On-Line Aboriginal Awareness Training Program for over 6 years at all our locations across Canada. We have also had numerous Aboriginal Awareness Training Workshops delivered to various regional offices, departments and management personnel with complete satisfaction and positive outcomes and continue to do so. Our employees find the training easy to understand and use. It is very concise and we are pleased with the detail and practical application. Our corporate objectives of having a diversified workplace, the delivery of our business services to our aboriginal customers in a culturally appropriate manner, being considered an employer of choice, attracting, recruiting, development, promoting and retention of qualified aboriginal employees has all been improved upon as a direct result of these training initiatives. The Aboriginal Awareness Training will continue to be an integral part of our on-going Aboriginal Business Development Strategy into the foreseeable future.

We thank you again for yesterday’s presentation, which was very well received. In fact, you’re more effective than you know – about an hour after you spoke we hired our first Aboriginal staff member, a fisheries biologist who also happens to be -a Blood.

Without a doubt – the best workshop on this subject I have ever attended. All our staff thoroughly enjoyed the whole day.

34+ years experience | 70,000+ satisfied workshop attendees | 54,000+ online certifications | 1000+ Clients | 3,000+ workshops

Our clients include RBC Financial Group, Shell Canada Ltd., Ledcor Industries, ATCO Group of Companies, De Beers Canada, Schlumberger, Weyerhaeuser and many dozens of other corporations and government departments.

You are in good company.