Residential Schools Canada

In their final slumber, they woke a nation.

The recent findings of 215 bodies at the former Kamloops Residential School has left many Canadians of all walks of life asking questions like, what can I do? What does this mean for us and our business?

Now that we KNOW better, how can we DO better?

The answer is simply education.

We would be honoured to help you along this journey and can provide online and / or virtual training to you and your staff.

For the month of June 2021 we are offering our Introductory 101 Course free of charge.*

In honour of all the children who endured the Residential School system.

* Individual student registration only. This offer does not apply to corporate, group, or bulk orders.
In the spirit of this offer we ask that a maximum of 5 students per organization register.

101 Indigenous Awareness Introduction

The Indigenous Awareness Introduction course is a stand-alone highly abridged version of the widely-recognized Certification course. It takes about 60-90 minutes to complete.

The online Indigenous Awareness Introduction course is NOT a pre-requisite to the Certification.

It is a stand-alone abridged primer, best suited for those wishing to start slowly and learn some basic information before taking the Certification course.

With a smaller time commitment, it is also helpful in situations where it is desirable to have training available for everyone, but not all staff require the full Certification course.  Groups with staff that are part-time, volunteer, or transitional can benefit from the flexibility.

$48.00 $0.00

Once you register, you will receive immediate access to the course.

Approved for Aboriginal-specific components of continuing competence programs and education.
Save your progress along the way. Access as many times as you like.
Video introductions and enhanced video content.
Updated content to reflect recent developments and census.
Many supporting graphics and photographs.
Fast download times.
Learn about Canada’s Aboriginal peoples in an engaging and safe environment.
Gain the information needed in order to build effective and positive relationships with Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

Residential Schools Canada