Top 10 Reasons to take Indigenous Awareness Training

What are the top 10 reasons to take Indigenous Awareness Training? We have compiled a short list of reasons why learning is the first step towards reconciliation.

Indigenous Awareness Canada - Sean Hannah

To reconcile we first need to learn about who we are reconciling with.

1 LEARN about yourself and others

2 BUILD new & better relationships

3 IMPROVE your customer service

4 MEET corporate commitments

5 WORK more effectively with Aboriginal and native groups

6 ATTRACT and retain Aboriginal staff, contractors, or partners

7 ENHANCE HR policies and meet corporate training goals

8 LOWER risks of human-rights tribunal, litigation, or complaint

9 OPEN UP new opportunities

10 MAKE A BETTER CANADA to live and work together.

We assist Canadians like you in learning about Canada’s Indigenous Peoples thereby helping non-Indigenous Canadians and Indigenous Peoples move towards reconciliation.

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Our clients include RBC Financial Group, Shell Canada Ltd., Ledcor Industries, ATCO Group of Companies, De Beers Canada, Schlumberger, Weyerhaeuser and many dozens of other corporations and government departments.

You are in good company.

Indigenous Awareness Canada - Glenbow Museum
Indigenous Awareness Canada - Sean Hannah
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